We had Plycon Van Lines stop by today to pick up three orders in our store, these are all floor models that we had in the showroom in our store in Virginia. We had shipments of one chair / ottoman going to Florida, one recliner to Illinois and one recliner to New York City. With orders taking so long, there are customers around the country that simply don't want to wait for the production times and buy our floor models, which are often nicely discounted vs ordering new as well. However, how to get it to them? There are not many responsible blanket wrap carriers that will do small ships nationwide and do it right. We have used Plycon Van Lines for over 20 years and never had a damage with them, and these photos show why we have never had a claim. They put two pads on the floor, wrap the entire piece in plastic, then put two more pads on top, for a total of four pads, and fully wrapped. Heck, we don't even use four pads for local deliveries! They keep their employees as well, these two work out of their New York facility and have been with the company for a combined 9 years. You cannot beat experience in delivering furniture, and its obvious they are trained to a high level. And their rolling stock (trucks) are decent, too - they are new enough to not suffer breakdowns and don't have holes in the van body.

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So why don't we use Plycon exclusively? First, they are not inexpensive. Second, we cannot get instant quotes and have to fill out a lengthy form and wait a few hours to get a price. One recliner going to NYC is $ 640, the one going to IL is $ 660 and I'm not sure of the chair/ottoman to Florida cost as that customer booked direct with Plycon, but its probably around $ 800. We don't collect sales tax to any shipment outside of Virginia so that can help mitigate the cost somewhat. We get it that customers don't want to spend that much on delivery fees, and you can always go to www.uship.com and put it out for a bid and select from whomever responds, but we have had mixed experiences with those that book on Uship. Some are good, some are horrid (including one instance when the load was simply flat-out stolen by the low bidder on uship).

One school of thought that I personally subscribe to is "Do I really want to deal with damages or lack of communication when buying expensive furniture? How important is it to save a few dollars?" Plycon is the only carrier that we have never had a damage claim with - ever - and that's over 20 years of using them here and there. You pays your money, you takes your choice, we will ship with whomever you direct us to. I think right now, in today's Covid Climate, Plycon is the best in the industry. They are one of the few trucking companies that have long-term employees, and you cannot beat having experienced men on the job.