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    My husband needs to sleep in a reclining chair and I have not been able to find a hotel/motel chain that can make a recliner available for us. Does anyone know of any hotels that might have this?
    Thank you.

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    We rented a recliner from a rental company when we were staying in Raleigh. They delivered it directly to the room and picked it up when we checked out. That was over 7 years ago so don’t remember who we used. You may wish to call around to rental centers (RAC), Aaron rents, home medical equipment supplies for recliners, etc. Good luck!

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    I recommending asking on another forum that is more focused on travel and hotels, like tripadvisor.

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    Have you considered air B&B's, Condo vacation rentals, etc? Then you could ask about available furniture and they might even be able to arrange a rental for you.

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    I'm thinking of the number of people who are usually in recliner that need support of head and body. I think you should ask this on a travel forum. Although we almost use this Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair at home and always looks while we go any hotel during travel.
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