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    I am seeking a sofa between 90-105" wide, seat 20-22" high, 22-24" deep, with track arms or at least not rolled arms, detatched cushons that are rectangular or square. I don't like the cut out by the arm. I want a protected leather due to pets and not being the best at maintenance. I am looking at 5K and below as a price point. Not sure if this is realistic, but would love any recommendations.

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    Have you looked on H&M's site? Every model of sofa is listed there. Take a look at a the Your Way options.

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    I did look, but I don't know the price range. If the your ways are 10k, its out of my budget and I dont want to ask for quotes until I narrow down my options.

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    This is probably pretty close to your specs and design you want and it is made in the USA:

    For a quote, please submit a request here on our Quotes and Orders section. It will come in probably around your price point, depending on your location and shipping costs.

    Protected leather is not maintenance-free, it merely is a painted leather vs a dyed one. If you want to buy and and just use it (no cleaning or conditioning) expect a 10 year lifespan on the hide, then it will have noticeable deterioration at that point. You can triple that if you clean and condition the hide regularly, That's your choice of course.
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