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    I started my search for a sofa looking at Mayos. Then I was shown Smith Brothers and felt that it was more comfortable and better built. Then I started looking at Sherrills and liked that they had spring down cushions and 8 way hand tied suspension. Then this weekend, the salesperson showed me a Chaddock and suggested that would be a better option as the time to build was much quicker and had superior warranty. I have been searching for any reviews or information about the way their products are built, warranty and customer service. Does anyone have experience with Chaddock? I need to buy something soon, but want to buy the best quality/comfort within my budget.
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    I don't know Chaddock, but I guess I have walked by their showroom about twenty times as they are in the same building as my main suppliers (Hancock and Moore, Jessica Charles, Taylor King, Century, Woodbridge). Sorry, no help on that one.
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