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Thread: Lift chair yes or no?

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    So, I'm unsure about the CFRP roof. I use my sunroof every day in summer and it's what I really appreciate. The very cool look of the CFRP roof is a good argument for it but not enough for me to give up the sunroof.
    Could anyone here with experience in both an M3 with a CFRP roof and one without it comment on how much of a difference the lighter roof with CFRP makes?

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    Wrong forum. You need a BMW Car forum.

    HOWEVER - being a car guy, you will generally save 40 lb with a sunroof delete, and the Carbon Fiber roof vs metal will usually save another 15 lb. So. You would get around a 55lb weight savings up on the highest point of the car. Great for track work. CF degrades over time and can look pretty gamey in ten years. BMW has had issues with their CF in years past, not sure now. Doesn’t happen with all Carbon, but there is plenty out there with UV degradation.

    Want to save weight? Skip the fancy power seats, they are one of the heaviest items in the car. Also, go with the smallest wheels offered.
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    My mom and dad have both used these lift chairs. My dad used his until he died. My mom had a "window of opportunity" when it really helped her with her bad knees. But now she's at the point that she forgets to use it to stand herself up and she's getting weak enough that it's good for her to have to stand herself up.

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