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Thread: I like Westwoods by Hancock & Moore

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    Default I like Westwoods by Hancock & Moore

    I think the Westwood series of Recliners and Tilt Backs (with Ottomans) is the best / most comfortable motion pieces that Hancock & Moore makes. We ordered three of these in October 2021, and they will be rolling in here the next couple of months. Yes, I know....almost a year. Recliners have been tough to get due to mechanism shortages.

    When Football season starts, we get a LOT of requests for leather recliners. Guess what - all the good ones are gone in short order. So here's your chance to get ahead of that and reserve one of these - plus you get them at Oct 2021 pricing. Here's what is going to be built - one only on each:

    # 7150 Westwood Recliner in Champion Bark GR 2 leather. Champion Butternut Gimp, BP Nail, mahogany Distress. Spring Down Seat, Ultra Down Back

    # 7150 Westwood Recliner in Remington Garnet Burnished GR 4 leather. Self Gimp. Special "I" stitch all over. French Pine finish, BK Nail, Spring Down Seat, Ultra Down Back

    # 2062 & 2062-O Westwood Tilt Back Chair and Ottoman in Hyde Park Mocha Burnished GR 4, Gimp in Nile Croc GR 5. Special "I" Stitch all over, Mesa Finish, BP nail, Spring Down Seat, Ultra Down Back
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