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Thread: Bradington-Young Leather - Steer Hide?

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    Default Bradington-Young Leather - Steer Hide?

    I have been reading all that I can on the sticky notes as well as all over the forum and I read that H & M uses steer hides vs. the female hides on their leather furniture. What does Bradington-Young use on theirs?

    I've not been able to find that information anywhere unless I overlooked it.

    I also had another question in regards to the different styles that BY offers in their stationary sofas and chairs (club type). I know you mentioned on this forum that even if a store doesn't have all the styles or many styles of a particular brand, that they relatively sit the same way. I've been unable to find a Christopher or Layna Bradington-Young sofa in my area but have found others.

    The same with H & M, I can't find an Arrington or Campaign but can find others such as City, Ricki, Your Way, etc. to sit in and test out in person. I assume that holds true to all major brands (good quality ones) with the exception of the type of cushions, depth of the seat, etc.? Could you elaborate on that?

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    Default Re: Bradington-Young Leather - Steer Hide?

    B-Y is Steer hide. Only the low end makers use cowhide, since it’s cheap and none of the better producers use it. When you see old leather furniture that seems to be horrendously loose, that’s cowhide.

    No one can tell you for sure how a piece sits. It’s the Princess and the Pea, or can be. We always have at least 50 pieces of Hancock and Moore in our store to try put. I’ve had customers say they all sit terrific, and others say they don’t like any of them, or any Taylor King, Bradington Young, Century, or Jessica Charles for that matter. Not much you can do!
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    Default Re: Bradington-Young Leather - Steer Hide?

    Good to know, I figured they did use steer hides as well but it's not something that you see in brochures, on their site, etc.

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