I was out of the store today, had a Colonoscopy done - which as most of us know is about as much fun as a root canal. So we tend to put it off....and put it off.....or just dismiss it and say "I feel fine".The cleanout prep is the worst, the actual procedure is quick, fast and painless. And of course you basically can't eat anything two days prior. Late stage colon cancer is a real killer, with only a 15% 5-year survival rate when spread throughout the body.

I had two 3mm sessile polyps that were removed, those are the kinds that are likely to turn into colon cancer. Will be a few days before the pathology comes back on them. So yes, super-glad I did this, who needs those things growing inside you? And I've had a serious cancer bout already, prefer to not have another.

Colonoscopies should being at age 45 and continue to age 75. Don't put it off.