...and we are running out of inventory. Due to mechanism shortages, its taking up to one year to get new ones. We ordered a batch from Hancock and Moore in October 2021 and still have not received them, and another group in Dec 2021. And some more in April 2022. Ugh. While everyone is done with Covid and will not longer accept that as excuses, the reality is the supply chain shortage is still very much with us.

Our floor models are selling and we are down to eight in stock. We normally keep about fourteen in the floor. Once the summer weather breaks and football season starts, we get customers coming in for comfortable recliners and of course they want them for the Fall. That means all that is really available to use are Hooker Furniture Recliners, which are made in China and stocked in Martinsville VA. Right now they have a lot of inventory on those as they ramped up their production on them over a year ago, they are now just landing. But yes, we know.....the resistance to "Made in China", we get it. However we have ordered a few because they can get to our store in three weeks.

By pure luck we did come across three Bradington-Young leather Recliners (USA made) that were available immediately from the factory. These are photo models or showroom samples, so we snapped up those three at once and will have them coming in as well, they should be here this month. Hopefully some of our older H&M recliner orders will start arriving as well.