I was just talking to the Customer Service Manager from one of our suppliers and she was exhausted from listening to a customer for one hour and twenty minutes on their stained leather upholstery. That customer had purchased from two different stores, both now out of business, and bought protection programs from both of them, and wanted their leather furniture replaced at no charge. It wasn't going to happen.

Folks DO NOT BUY PROTECTION PROGRAMS when your selling dealer starts telling you that you need them. They are a gimmick to add profit to the dealer's bottom line, nothing more. They don't pay out, and don't fix your items.

And the manufacturer has nothing to do with them, so you will get no satisfaction there, either. We have NEVER sold them at The Keeping Room because we don't defraud our customer and never will as long as I own this business. They don't work, and they are unethical. Just don't do it.

FACT. You buy a painted leather and the finish will wear off over time, like all paint does on anything.
FACT. You buy an aniline leather and you can stain the headrest and arm tops over time with hair and body oils.

What to do? Clean and Condition your leather regularly. Like flossing your teeth, you have to do it ahead of time to prevent issues, not after the fact.

I would love for someone to prove me wrong on these Protection Programs, but 35 years of doing this shows me I haven't been wrong yet. Don't buy them. Buy cleaner and conditioner instead.