This is a surprise. We are down to just one single Hancock and Moore Recliner in the store, that has never happened before in all the years we have been a dealer, we have always had 6 to 8 available to try out and take with. Long lead times and price increases have made us cut back on ordering for stock, and quite frankly I have mis-judged the demand for in-stock units. All this talk of Recession since first of the year, coupled with what I thought were pretty severe price increases caused me to cut way back on ordering so I would not get caught with excessive inventory. I chose instead to bring in less expensive recliners from Bradington-Young and even Hooker. The Hancock and Moore customer is pretty loyal, they don't want the other makers as has become evident and are willing to pay the premium for the best. I was not expecting that, either as this is largely still a price-driven industry. So hear we are - fall recliner season and this is all I have for H&M at the moment.

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