We're all tired of seeing prices go up, and hearing about Inflation in all aspects of consumer goods. While we can't control what our suppliers or the freight companies charge us, we can buy smart for floor stock. The smarter we buy, the lower the price tag in the store. Here's what we do at the store to help contain pricing.

1. We look for deals. We know all our suppliers have overstock from time to time. These are not quantity buys like Costco, they are single one-offs. Cancelled or refused orders by other dealers (or they are on credit holds), pieces used as photo models, ones coming out of their High Point showrooms, items that have been discontinued. Every day, we look for these items! If its a good deal, it goes fast so we have to look daily and move fast on them. That's why when you come into the store you will see a recliner, or sofa, or table that has a very good price on it and its "One Only", it's not damaged or repaired, its an item we found at a good discount and pass that savings onto you. Sometimes there are significant in dollar amounts, and clients are surprised when they come back to order a second one and its quite a bit more, or return the following week and the piece is gone.

2. We try to plan way out. We go to the High Point Market and try to anticipate what people might want to buy off the floor that will arrive in 6 to 10 months, without over-buying. We can get some discounts at Market because its so competitive for floor stock space, and pass those on as well. When you see several hundred dollars less on a floor model vs the order price, its not hype (we don't play pricing games), we really did get a deal on that piece.

3. When we order a piece, we try to makes sure we have at least 200 lb. Because consolidating freight means a lower shipping cost. To order one small 35lb side table by itself comes with a shipping cost that's almost as high as the price of the table.

4. We are a credit card based consumer economy. Everyone uses plastic, and we finally gave into the demand for that convenience. But credit cards come with a percentage cost in merchant fee processing. If you want to save 2%, pay via check or cash, or have your bank account number and do an ACH Transfer on our computer system. Just ask and we will apply that for you.