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Thread: Two issues with new Hancock & Moore sofa: fabric is fading and now sofa is squeaking

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    Unhappy Two issues with new Hancock & Moore sofa: fabric is fading and now sofa is squeaking

    Hello there,

    This post is two separate issues, but I've combined them here for background. I'm ultimately hoping for advice on next steps and how reasonable my own expectations are. I've been poking around this forum since before I bought my sofa and have found some of the most helpful answers here.

    My Hancock & Moore Ava Sofa was delivered in January 2022. I purchased it at a Stickley store and chose Fischer-Mocha Grade D for the upholstery. It arrived with some scratches and nicks on the frame, but the furniture repair person was able to resolve those. He was surprised that it made it to me with some of the imperfections I found.

    I was initially disappointed with the amount of fabric puddling just a few weeks into use, but assumed that is normal. Is it? I can feel the springs under me when I shift around while lying across the sofa. Not always, but often. I decided all of this was not worth bothering my salesperson about.

    Then, in May, I noticed fading on the inside of one arm. The sofa is in front of a north-facing window, with its back to the window, in the Northeast. It does get some afternoon/evening sun, but I wouldn't say it's intense. Removing the seat cushions is how I discovered the issue. There is a clear line of delineation between the concealed and exposed areas. I've owned fairly inexpensive sofas and have never seen this much fading before.

    I emailed a photo to the Stickley salesperson I'd ordered from. His advice was to pull the shades, purchase cut yardage, and have it reupholstered if necessary. I replied that I felt it was quite significant fading for the sofa's age and asked him to provide the fabric name because I didn't have it handy. Then I waited two weeks for a reply. I followed up again and he said he was waiting for a reply from his Hancock & Moore Sales Representive. A couple of days later, the salesperson emailed simply saying yardage is available and I could purchase that.

    Fast forward to a few weeks ago and the top of that same arm is wearing quite a bit. The fabric texture is noticeably duller. My husband sits on that side and isn't particularly hard on furniture, but he does rest his arm there. I decided to wait and see if I notice more changes in the next month or two.

    But now there's a new issue that prompted me to email the salesperson today. When my husband leans back on the sofa, it now squeaks. We removed the cushion and pressed against the the sofa, and it squeaks every time. He's not a small person: 5'11" and 225 pounds, but it bears repeating he is gentle on furniture (unlike myself!).

    I'm awaiting the salesperson's response, but I'm not sure how these issues are typically handled. Am I exaggerating to say it feels like I've got a problem sofa?
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    Default Re: Two issues with new Hancock & Moore sofa: fabric is fading and now sofa is squeak

    "Fischer" does not appear to be a named Hancock and Moore / Jessica Charles fabric. A lot of stores will rename manufacturer's fabrics so consumers cannot cross shop them with other dealers, that may be the case here. A quick call to H&M on it (I was trying to find out the content of the material) and they are unaware of any fabric by that series name.

    Some fabrics are more light-fast than others, best to get a Inside/Out Brand Performance Fabric which has UV Blockers applied during production of the fabric. Any fabric designed to go outside or into sunrooms will have those UV blockers. From your description it sounds like you are getting fade from UV in the room. That is not warrantied and the best way to slow that down is to have solar tint applied to the windows in the room. Newer windows have UV block built into the glass and are called Low-E glass.

    If your fabric is from manmade fibers (Polyester, Nylon, Olefin, etc) then you will find all man-made fabrics will pill. More expensive fabrics from natural fibers (Cotton, Wool, Linen) will not. So its always best to buy at least a blend. Pilling is the worst when its new, the material will eventually "settle". If that pilling bothers you, buy a pill shaver off Amazon and go over the fibers showing wear. After you do it twice in the first few months, you may not have to do it again.

    All fabrics have a rub count from the Mill that produces them. it's always a good idea to check the rub count on a given fabric for high use pieces, though this usually requires the dealer to call the factory to get that number. Generally in everyday use for a main sofa I would suggest a fabric with a rub value of 30,000 or higher. Again, not a warranty item.

    Squeaks are caused by friction rubs on interior components. It can be an interior spring rubbing against a piece of the inner frame, or a loose wood joint. Try to isolate the location. If a wood joint, that is a warranty repair and it would have to go back to the factory for a fix. If a spring/wood rub, that can be fixed usually by a local upholsterer. Consult your dealer for how to begin that process.
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    Default Re: Two issues with new Hancock & Moore sofa: fabric is fading and now sofa is squeak

    Thank you for the advice, Duane. Seems like it's a spring, so hopefully we'll be able to get it fixed easily.

    I looked at Jessica Charles fabrics and I'm thinking it may be Jake Fawn (80% polyester/20% linen)

    The linen would explain why the cushions get a bit wrinkly too.

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