I absolutely LOVE this forum and while I may not come every day like I used to since I ordered furniture after months of reading/researching this site, I still come back for updates such as when you post about the furniture market events in High Point. I felt like I could trust you fully after reading so many posts and you always answered my questions (or Sarah did) in a very timely manner. That's why I purchased from you as well as for the fact that you are upfront, honest, and have shared so much needed information for the average furniture shopper who has no clue about the quality of items inside the way you do.

I understand that it is a huge amount of time, money, effort, energy, etc. spent on both of your parts to keep this site up but I do appreciate it greatly. Maybe post about this forum (advertise by mouth, not meaning advertising by paying money) on FB and other social sites to give people who have no clue about it's existence. I know you are on those sites, but I mean mentioning the forum frequently. I ran across your site doing research on quality furniture and hit the jackpot when I found this site.