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    Hi Duane- We have a B-Y Carroll sofa that we constantly need to readjust the cushions. When we readjust the cushions the Velcro on the backs of the cushions are ripping the fabric on the sofa back. Any suggestions on what we could or should do to keep the Velcro from ripping the sofa? Thank you!

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    Yes, you need to get new fabric sewn in the back panels, don't wait too long to do this or the sofa will come apart in the back. Unfortunately this is not a DIY project, you will need to take this to an upholsterer and they will detach the cover from the sofa and sew in new panels on the backside. Sounds expensive, but that vent fabric is not pricey and its just a labor charge. The hardest part is removing the nail trim (and those all have to be replaced). If you don't want to put any money into the sofa, then get some Gorilla Duct Tape* and seal that area up where torn until you replace the sofa.

    Do you have a dog or cat that sleeps on top of the back cushion? I see it is depressed. If so, that's part of the issue, they are weighting the top of the back cushion and exerting pressure on the velcro causing the panel to rip. Don't let pets sleep atop the back cushion. If not, there appears to be some kind of downward pressure on that back cushion and that is stressing the vent fabric.

    You can also have the Velcro removed so it no longer sticks, or simply put s piece of "grabby" fabric cut to size over the Velcro, or a length of the Gorilla Duct Tape*.

    Your fiberfill back cushion full needs to be fully removed from the casing, fluffed up vigorously , and re-installed.

    * Gorilla Duct Tape WILL remove the pigmentation color of your leather when removed, please be aware of that.
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    Thank you, Duane. I knew you would know what to do. Between arms sitting on top of the back cushions as well as heavy blankets and pillows, we havenít been fluffing the back. Once I started seeing the back ripping, I left the pillows alone. We will definitely get it repaired and be better about fluffing the back cushions. And no more leaving anything on top of the cushions. Thank you!

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