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Thread: red wine stain on leather sofa - peroxide removing sofa dye?

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    Default red wine stain on leather sofa - peroxide removing sofa dye?

    Hi all, first post here and was hoping to get some advice on how to proceed with a problem we're having with a new leather sofa. We spilled some red wine on the sofa and immediately dabbed it up. There was one area that still seemed to have some discoloration so we used baking soda and then a paper towel damp with hydrogen peroxide. When I took the paper towel off of that area, it looks as if the dye from the sofa (Brompton chestnut from Leather furniture expo) is coming off the sofa. I may be interpreting what's happened to the leather incorrectly but was hoping for some advice on how to restore the leather.
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    Default Re: red wine stain on leather sofa - peroxide removing sofa dye?

    The correct way to deal with a red wine stain on a pure aniline leather is to blot it up, then leave it alone. It may take several weeks to dissipate, but it will. Unfortunately you used some baking soda and peroxide on it, and I have no idea what those chemicals will do to the hide. You may have permanently set the stain and ruined that section. Leave it be for now, if still there in a month you may have to contact Leather Solutions and see if Pam can repair that.

    If this is a newer sofa, you other option is to contact your dealer and have them make a new seat casing for you. While this doesn’t work on older sofas, if you’re around the 6 month mark or newer it’s probably the best solution. Expect to pay $300 to $400 for a new casing.
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    Default Re: red wine stain on leather sofa - peroxide removing sofa dye?

    Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixed together are known to bleach fabric. Hair also. I don't think you can fix it if it was bleached except by re dying the leather.

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