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Thread: Furniture from General Colin Powell

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    Default Furniture from General Colin Powell

    If anyone is interested from a historical or furniture perspective, The Potomack Company held the sale recently for the estate of General Powell.
    Furniture starts on page 7. Really cool other items too.

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    Default Re: Furniture from General Colin Powell

    You know what is interesting, is how the auction house completely were off base on those pre-sale estimates, by a long shot. I have been to Potomack auctions many times, even bought a few pieces from them. They are knowledgeable enough to get the basics on many things, but they really miss on many specifics and take a wild guess. Lesson there is take with a grain of sale what they say something is worth - they are not experts. If you know what you are looking for, you can make quite a score in auctions houses unless you come up against another bidder who is also knowledgeable. With the Powell collection, they looked at everything as if it was owned by a regular Joe, but it wasn't. It was owned by Colin Powell and there are many ex-military with good salaries in WashDC that will pay for his memorabilia.
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    Default Re: Furniture from General Colin Powell

    That was interesting to look through. But the missess on the furniture don't compare to this one, lol:

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    Oh wow I missed that one. I did chuckle that the Beatles collection went for more than most of the other items at $10K.

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