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Thread: Broken and Unreplaceable Parts

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    Default Broken and Unreplaceable Parts

    Hello, first post here. I'm hoping someone can help me with my problem.

    Backstory: I inherited my father's house and everything in it. I love my father very much, but he was an unfortunate and infuriating combination of heavy-handed and lazy/uncaring/clueless, which means the house is full of things he broke by handling too roughly and leaving them broken rather that having repaired or replaced. (e.g. using pliers to cut faucets on and off because he broke off the handles.) It wasn't for lack of money either, he simply did not care that so many of his things were broken. The only way anything ever got fixed was if he literally could not live with it being broken, like the AC, his car, etc., or someone other than me complained about it.

    He may have been perfectly happy to live like that, but I'm not. Most of the broken stuff I was able to fix/replace/toss, but he has a bedroom set (including an armoire) with at least half of the drawer pulls broken off. I fixed a few of the broken bits but he tossed most of them. That's where my problem starts.

    The pulls and backplates are uniquely shaped and as far as I know, there is no name for the specific shapes so I can't search for them online or describe them to anyone, and going to every furniture store or website in existence and inspecting every single set of pulls/plates one by one is unfeasible. Because of the design, I can't simply buy parts from Home Depot and have them fit or look right. I've already searched and there's nothing that indicates who made the set or where it came from. I do know he purchased it when he purchased the house, which was 1989. Knowing him, he bought the set at the navy exchange.

    So now my choices are either keep a set where half of the drawers can't be opened or throw out a entire set that is otherwise decent. I'm not really in a financial position to run out and buy a whole new set. Other family members keep telling me to just sell the set and let whoever buys it worry about fixing it, but who is going to buy a broken, unfixable bedroom set?

    I've attached a couple of photos so y'all know what I'm dealing with. If anyone has any advice on what to do, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    Default Re: Broken and Unreplaceable Parts

    You’ll have to go custom. Start here, good luck.
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