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    We are planning on buying new leather furniture. I know Hancock & Moore is good, but what about Carolina Custom Leather ? The store that I visited has both lines and the CCL looks to be of good quality. Anyone know anything about this brand?

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    I am not very familiar with them, but notice on their home splash page that have directly copied H&M's Sundance Series line for line, right down to the same turnings on the legs and the button placements. Small time companies like CCL go into a H&M dealer and buy one, then deconstruct it and copy it, rather than paying and contracting for original designs. It's not much different than buying a clone of a Louis Vuitton purse from a Flea Market Vendor.

    As a retailer, that's a big turnoff for me personally - I don't buy from suppliers that rip off another companies designs. Handcock & Moore paid a professional designer to do that original design for them which is a substantial cost, plus that designer gets residuals for each sale. I won't buy lines that do blatant copies, because I see it as un-ethical and unprofessional. 36 years in this business had taught me that if they will do that, they will also skate around any customer service issues / quality control points and so I won't buy clone lines for my store.

    I'm pretty sure they will be less in cost than Hancock & Moore, that may be the appealing aspect of that line to you as a consumer.
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