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Thread: Bar stools and chairs for basement

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    Default Bar stools and chairs for basement

    As I wrap up our basement finish, I need to pick out three bar stools for the bar and four chairs for a small counter height table. The bar and associated cabinets are natural cherry. I have attached an image of the layout. Some friends are giving us a small four person counter height round glass topped table with black metal legs. This which will do for now; but will get replaced down the road. I have been looking at two styles of bar stools. a mission style wooden chair (undecided on a padded seat or wood seat) or a leather stool. See pictures below for examples.

    There is a lot of variation in cherry, even from the same tree. The cherry bar and cabinets won't have a stain and will darken over time. So, it might be challenging to get the bar stools to match the bar even if I get them in natural cherry like the bar and cabinets, so I am open to other options for color.

    Any suggestions on a leather stool vs the wood chair? As for style, the bar and cabinets are traditional with flat panel doors and the family room furniture, about 20 feet away, are also traditional and will be in a medium tan fabric with panel arms with bronze nail heads.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: Bar stools and chairs for basement

    A lot depends on how much these will be used, and the budget for the stools. I would not be concerned about matching existing cherry wood in the least.

    If you go with a heavy, Mission style stool, get one where the seat pivots / swivels. Otherwise you will soon tire of pulling them in and out to access them.

    For backless counter stools, I really like these from Woodbridge. I have a pair of them at our sales counter in the store, and people always comment how nice they are. The curved seat really makes then nice to sit in. The 24" ones are in stock so they can be had fast, too.

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    Default Re: Bar stools and chairs for basement


    Thanks for the reply. These will probably get used about 5 or 6 times a year (holidays where we host for all the relatives and the overflow ends up in the basement, Superbowl parties etc.). The budget is lower than the Woodbridge, probably under $500 a chair since we need seven of them and I just ordered a Smith Bros. sofa, loveseat, big chair, ottoman and three big screen TVs. Out local stores as well the store we bought the Smith Brothers furniture from (2.5 hours away) didn't have much for bar stools that weren't from China. The local Amish store has some decent mission style chairs. They seem well bult with all mortice and tenon construction. I would like to see better grain matching but that is just the woodworker in me talking. I am also considering stools from Carington Court someone else here on the forum mentioned. I wouldn't be able to see them in person before ordering so that is a downside.

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