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Thread: Reupholstering Clayton Marcus sofa

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    I have a Clayton Marcus sofa, purchased 20 years ago. It was priced at $2300.00 at the time. I have been looking for a new sofa for months and have not found anything I like as well as my sofa. The only thing wrong with the sofa is that it needs new cushions and to be recovered. Do you think it would be cost effective to recover or should I continue looking for a new sofa? Thank you.

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    It may not be cost effective, but if you like the sofa, why not? If your sofa is fully skirted and loose cushion, then plan on 20 yards of material +/- depending on size and pattern repeat. If a chippendale, plan on 10 yards. Everything else falls in between. $ 50 a yard average material cost, and then labor from $ 500 to $ 700 depending on where you live and style of sofa. It can easily be the price of new. If the cushion cores need replacing and you want quality cores, then $ 100 per core is a good number to work with.
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    If you decide to reupholster the sofa, do be certain that it really is only the cushion cores that need to be replaced. Back when the earth cooled, I had a Sherrill sofa that I love, love, loved and couldn't find anything I liked as well. Fortunately, my upholsterer is very ethical and warned me that the spring deck was the issue rather than the cushion. I might have gotten another 2 to 5 years out of it - for the price of a new sofa. I bought a new sofa instead.

    By contrast, my current Henredon sofa is from the time when Henredon still made decent furniture. It could probably go another 10 or 15 years with a new cover, except that I really want a different style sofa.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    $2300 was a big chunk of change 20 years ago (and still is for some of us)! I'm guessing it was probably extremely well crafted. If so, and you love it, you should definitely reupholster!

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