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    I have side by side recliners that I purchased from Ashleys furniture back in 2003 and the pull release cord broke on one of them. I have tried to get info from Ashleys on where to purchase a new one and have gotten no response from them at all from e-mail or phone. I do have the model # from the original invoice. The local repair shop cant seem to locate a new pull cord (parachute type). Can you advise me on where to look for one.? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Really? A pull cord and not a wire cable for a recliner mechanism release? I'm surprised by that.

    Its VERY difficult to get parts for pieces made offshore. Most Ashley product is made in China, and with any of the pieces made there we (in the industry) mostly just throw our hands up in the air trying to get parts. I hate to say it, but the Chinese made products are not designed for longevity, but to use and throw away when they break, so there is no parts inventory for repair in most cases.

    Your best bet is to get a local upholstery company that likes a challenge to rig something up for you. I would think it cannot be that complex, as the cable mechanisms are not. Careful that the cost of repair does not exceed the value of the piece! Good luck.
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