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    I am looking for any information on this company called USA Premium Leather, I think it used to be called Viewpoint. I can't find any customer reviews on any of their products but have been looking at a sectional made by them that seems very nice. Hesitant to spend $4000 without getting more info, I stumbled on this forum. IF any one can help me please do. The leather sectional is said to be made in the USA, 8 way hand tied springs and solid wood construction. The sales man at The Dump, a everyday low price furniture 'super store', tells me it is a piece that will last a life time and has a lifetime warranty. Thoughts, opinions or advice??

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    Unless I miss my guess, that 'warranty' from 'The Dump' which he says is lifetime will pertain to the frame and springs, not the cover or the cushion cores, or the webbing. And those are the wear items. As far as solid wood construction, true 8-way hand-tied springs and made in the USA, there are only three companies doing that right now, and I don't think those lines are in that chain. A salesman would never lie to you though, would he? <G>
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