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Thread: Is is a mistake to buy 100% polyester?

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    Default Is is a mistake to buy 100% polyester?

    I am buying a Broyhill sofa. The fabric I picked out with the store decorator is 100% polyester and it says it can be cleaned with water. From reading the Garden Web Forum I thought 100% polyester was bad because if pills. However, the decorator said it was very good fabric for a couch and would wear well and maintain its appearance. I was wondering if this is true. I have tried to find out more information by googling, but haven't been able to. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I know Broyhill is only mid quality, but I don't want to spend alot on a couch. My last one was very expensive but went out of style because of the fabric, so I want to spend under $1000.00.
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    Yes, 100% Poly will most certainly "pill". How quickly on that specific fabric is anyone's guess, but they all do. I personally would want a blend, especially since you're selecting fabrics and not buying a floor model, etc. Sounds like the decorator either doesn't know her fabrics or is just wants you to finalize the sale and move on.
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