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Thread: Ashley Furniture Springless Construction

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    I recently looked at some furniture at Ashley, they showed me a sofa that has what they described as "Trampoline material" instead of springs as main support under the cushions. They also said it was developed by an engineer at Ashley so no one else has this. Sounds great but has anyone had any experience with this? I'm curious if it really is more durable than the traditional spring construction.

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    BWWHaaaaaaaaaaa!!! That's good. What other jokes you have for me today?

    Think about when you go to the beach for a week. You didn't bring beach chairs so you go to Wal Mart and buy some for $ 20 each that have that "trampoline material" in the seat. Then you use them all week and by the end of the vakay you decide they are too sacked out in the seat to even bother to haul then home and so you leave them behind. Like that.

    Ashley Furniture is The Dollar Store of the furniture world. Just sayin'.
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